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Exploring the vibrant streets of Mumbai on a Sunday can be an exhilarating experience, especially when you’re on a quest for the perfect pair of eyewear. In this article, we’ll embark on a Sunday Funday journey through the bustling city of Mumbai, uncovering the hidden gems and trendy eyewear boutiques that cater to both fashion and functionality.

The Charm of Mumbai Streets
Mumbai, often referred to as the “City of Dreams,” is a melting pot of cultures and styles. Its bustling streets are adorned with bazaars, food stalls, and shops offering a wide array of products, including eyewear.

Setting the Stage
Before we dive into our eyewear adventure, let’s set the stage. Mumbai’s diverse neighborhoods each have their unique charm and shopping districts. We’ll explore some of the most popular ones.

Colaba Causeway
Located in South Mumbai, Colaba Causeway is a paradise for shoppers. It’s a mix of old-world charm and modern trends. Here, you can find street vendors selling sunglasses, both fashionable and affordable.

Bandra: The Fashion Hub
Bandra, often considered the fashion hub of Mumbai, is home to high-end boutiques and designer eyewear stores. This neighborhood is perfect for those looking for exclusive and stylish eyewear.

Chor Bazaar: The Hidden Gem
Chor Bazaar, known as the “Thieves’ Market,” is famous for its antiques and vintage items. It’s an unconventional choice for eyewear, but you might stumble upon unique, one-of-a-kind frames.

Navigating the Eyewear Market
Now that we’re familiar with our shopping destinations let’s talk about navigating the eyewear market on a Sunday Funday in Mumbai.

Trendy vs. Classic
Before you start shopping, consider your style preferences. Mumbai offers a wide range of eyewear, from trendy and chic to classic and timeless. Knowing your style will make the selection process smoother.

Quality Matters
Eyewear isn’t just a fashion accessory; it’s also essential for eye protection. Ensure the eyewear you choose meets quality standards and provides UV protection if necessary.

Sunday Shopping Spree
It’s Sunday, and you’re ready to explore Mumbai’s eyewear scene. Here’s how to make the most of your day.

Early Bird Advantage
Start your Sunday Funday early to beat the crowds and get the best deals. Many stores open early, allowing you to enjoy a peaceful shopping experience.

Bargaining Skills
Bargaining is an integral part of Mumbai’s street shopping culture. Don’t be afraid to negotiate prices, especially at local stalls and markets.

Try Before You Buy
Most eyewear stores in Mumbai allow you to try on glasses before making a purchase. Take advantage of this and ensure the frames suit your face shape and style.


In conclusion, a Sunday Funday in Mumbai can turn into a memorable eyewear adventure. Whether you choose to explore the vibrant streets of Colaba Causeway, indulge in high fashion in Bandra, or discover hidden treasures in Chor Bazaar, Mumbai has eyewear options for everyone.

So, put on your Sunday best and embark on a journey to find the perfect pair of eyewear in the enchanting city of Mumbai.

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